The Meaning of words…

“Love never fails”. ( I Corinthians 13:8)

“I was looking up the meaning of the word alliance and ran into the word FUSION. This caught my attention as I was thinking about marriage in particular.When you marry someone you mix yourself with that person and the result is only ONE material. The bible is amazing because it says that, when two people get married they became one flesh and that’s a fusion.A man and a woman, two completely different people becoming one through an alliance. That’s like wow! It reminded me that words have a meaning and they are powerful.Either is marriage, friendship, work, it doesn’t matter, they are all alliances that are part of our lives. Choose today to say good and nice things towards everyone that is around you and you’ll see all of those goods things happening to yourself as well”!


“Estaba buscando el significado de la palabra alianza y encontre la palabra fusión.Me llamó mucho la atención pues estaba pensando en el matrimonio de una forma particular.Cuando te casas, te estas mezclando con una otra persona y el resultado es un solo material.La Biblia dice que cuando uno se casa, se convierte en una sola carne y eso es una fusión. Dos personas completamente diferentes convirtiendose en una sola atraves de una alianza. Me recordé de que las palabras tienen un significado y tienen poder.Sea el matrimonio, amistades o trabajo, todos estos son alianzas que hacen parte de nuestras vidas.Escoja hoy decir cosas buenas y agradables acerca de todas las personas que estan a tu alrededor y veras que todas esas cosas buenas te pasarán a ti también”.



9 thoughts on “The Meaning of words…

  1. I begin by saying that Love is the basis and source of everything (it is indefinable). Jesus is Love!
    In the Holy Church, marriage is only blessed by Him if there is Love … Therefore, in everything you do love, that is, have God as the center, base, and source of everything (or if not your act will be vague.THE BEST WAY TO LOVE IS BY MEANS OF ACTIONS)

    And about marriage … It is something much more than what it seems to be, it is so deep, one of the most beautiful and deepest things in this world. When you start by staying with that person until the end of their lives, because THERE IS LOVE! Go through painful sufferings, but still insist on each other … Go through joyful moments and dream together!


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