Arizona’s Delicious Cuisine

Arizona is such a beautiful state. Here we have one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Now talking specifically about food, traditionally Arizona’s cuisine was heavily influenced by its Indigenous and early Mexican settlers. Once Americans began migrating in from the South and the Midwest, those cuisines have also been added to the mix, as well as foods from other immigrants over the decades until now. Here we have 3 of the yummy Arizona’s typical dishes:


Also known as “burros” by Arizonans, you can find these as an ultra-portable meal or as a fork-and-knife meal drizzled in sauce and cheese any time of day. Unless it is too dependent on rice or potatoes for fillings, you will have a hard time finding one that doesn’t satisfy your cravings.

2.Cheese crisps

These are not the same as quesadillas, which are folded over. A cheese crisp is a tortilla topped with cheese then baked until crispy.

3.Indian Fried Bread

Although not specific to Arizona, you’ll still find a whole lot of restaurants, food trucks, and households that offer this on their menu. Eat it plain with a touch of salt, a drizzle of honey, sprinkled with powdered sugar, heaped with beans and cheese, or wrapped around your favorite slice of meat. It’s all delicious.



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