What are you looking for?


It is amazing to see how we, human beings, seek for things that end up not fulfilling our heart.Lots of people think that money, beauty,status will make them happy.How many rich people, singers, actors have been fighting with addiction and making bad choices in their lives?

In a world where values, love and respect almost no longer exist, let’s make a difference.Let’s love and respect even when we don’t get that back.It will be worth it some day.Let’s seek for what will not perish and die.Let’s value what is really important in life: Our faith in God, our family and true friends.Let’s help the ones that are blind and going through a tough time, even when we ourselves are going through a hard time.Let’s help each other and have our hearts filled with  love from the One that will never let us go and that will never reject us, Jesus Christ.This is not about religion, that won’t take us to heaven,this is about living and experiencing a TRUE love that only comes from God, that’s a fact, believe people or not.

Make the right decision today and start seeking for what is eternal.I hope this text can help you out, no matter the situation you are in right now just open your heart and receive this amazing love that will fulfill your life.Take care!


14 thoughts on “What are you looking for?

  1. wanting or not, we are all looking for something, whether individually or collectively, with dreams, goals, desires, etc … I look for a country to live when I graduate, but collectively I also look for, a good future for Brazil.


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