Are you a grocery shopping list person?

grocery shopping

Grocery shopping is something that everybody has to do at least twice a month.Some people like doing it, some don’t.Let’s talk about what really matters: How much do I have x how much do I need?

I’ve always heard people saying that things here in the US are less expensive than in Brazil,now that I live here, I can precisely say it’s true but not everything tho. Certain things are way less expensive than in Brazil but others, pretty much the same.I know that in Brazil, getting stuff for babies is crazy expensive.Diapers, wipes and even formula here you can get them all for a good price.Another thing that I’ve noticed here is that things are pretty much always on clearance,there is always something on sale.For example, I can buy here 3 packages of wipes for $5.47 !!! I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t find that deal in Brazil.If you like fruits, here it’s very cheap too, depending on the store you go to of course.Here you have lots of options which makes it easier to find a better deal.

For parents, to go grocery shopping sometimes can be a nightmare as things get more and more expensive every day.I have kids and I know what it is like but what I’ve learned is that we need to be patient, to compare prices and always look for better deals.It takes time and patience but it’s worth it.By doing that, we can save a lot and get all that we need that’s on our list!


9 thoughts on “Are you a grocery shopping list person?

  1. really, certain things that in Brazil is expensive in the USA is “cheap”, I love going to the supermarket, but it seems that every time I go, prices increase even more.😞

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