I wanted to start this post with some pictures of my family that is in Brazil.This morning I woke up missing them so much and started thinking of how many times I didn’t spend quality time with them for being so busy and stressed out about things that are only temporary.

It’s definitely important to go to school and to have a good job but above all that what is most important is to improve our relationship every day with God and with our family.I have two beautiful boys on my own and my husband has 3 on his own.We are a blessed blended family so in total we have 5 kids, three handsome boys and 2 beautiful girls.One of my boys is still in Brazil but God willing soon he’ll be here with us and then our family will be complete.

Some days are so hard that I cry and cry but I know that God is always in control of everything and that He is working on our behalf. Soon we’ll be reunited! And then my heart is filled with joy and I smile again.

Let’s value our family and spend time with them.Let’s  make them feel loved and wanted.May God bless you and your family!!!



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