Me and my big mouth…


People say that women talk too much, I’m a woman but I agree with that. Sometimes we do talk a lot and that ends up complicating things a little bit hahaha.

Anyways, being a man or a woman, we can end up talking a lot about our problems and complaining so much that we make them never go away. If we keep talking about what’s wrong and the things we can’t do or change, our problems will always be present in our minds and hearts.

Living far away from my family and friends in a foreign country is very hard and challenging but I make a decision every day, to be happy and thankful for what I have and for how much I’ve grown since I got here to the US.  Let’s be more thankful for who we are and for what we have instead of talking about our problems all the time and letting them to affect our minds. And remember: ” If you want to get over a problem,stop talking about it”.




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