Yummy Yummy

So, one of the first things my sister told me before I came to the US was: Watch out to not gain too much weight hahaha. When I got here, my weight was 119 pounds and today, is 129 pounds.Oh my gosh in 10 months I gained 10 pounds.anyways,I’ve been watching out and trying to find a balance to keep this weight and not to gain more.

In Brazil, I would have breakfast, lunch, a snack and dinner. Here, some days I just have coffee in the morning but at lunch and dinner I end up eating  a lot of carbs.The way Americans eat it’s different from the way Brazilians eat.My youngest son is 2 years old and  I’ve been trying to make him eat healthy but I confess, sometimes he ends up eating just like me.Does this happen to you too? Any advice is welcome haha 🙂

A good lunch for Brazilians would be:

#Rice / # Pasta / #Beans / #Salad / #Any kind of meat / #Farofa ( a kind of flour buttered with onions and butter).

I miss Brazilian’s  food but here in the US I’ve found a lot of great food too!

Do you think you would get used to have a yummy lunch like this every day? Let me know by leaving a comment 🙂





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