Public X Private Schools

I remember when my cousin that lives in Canada posted some videos of her little girl at school there.I mean, wow,everything so nice, organized and clean! It seemed like everything worked in a better way there. My sister is an English teacher in Brazil, she teaches at public schools and I could always see her struggle with the conditions that she had to face every day, as a teacher. There are a few good public schools in Brazil but the truth is that, the best schools there are private. If someone wants their children to go to a good school and later on to get into also a good college, has to pay for it.

Here in the US I’m sure there are also public schools that aren’t that great but most of them are really good. I’ve been several times to my kids school here and they are very nice, organized and you can see that things work.There are private schools here too but most of kids go to public schools because they are very good indeed.

It’s sad to see how different schools can be around the world. Some are great, some are good and others just need so much help, investment by the government and to see that politicians are more concerned about getting money than actually putting it into  the right places. If you live here in the US, in Canada, or in a first world country, be thankful for what your children have, because in other countries things are very difficult for their kids.


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