That is not what I meant…

Who has never said or heard this sentence: “That is not what I meant”? If your “mother language” isn’t English like in my case, you might face a few challenges on communicating with people that do have English as their “mother language”.There might be some misunderstanding  at some point lol. I get that the “goal” is to understand and to be understood but we should always try to learn more and to improve ourselves.

My husband speaks English and a little bit of Spanish but no Portuguese at all, so at home we speak only English.When it’s just me and my youngest son, we speak Portuguese, well I do because he is only 2 and still learning.Sometimes my husband says something and I do understand the words he is using but not what he actually means by saying that. It can cause some stress hahaha but eventually we get used to it and it gets better with time.

Since I came to the US, my English has improved a lot  but I still can’t pronounce a few words quite perfectly hahaha.Here are a few things that help me to learn more:

*To watch TV series: Audio and subtitles in English.

*To read the bible and articles in English.

*To listen to music in English.

*To look up the meaning of words, listen to their pronunciation over and over and repeat them as well.

I hope these few tips can help you as well on improving your English.



I thought this would be funny 🙂 Take care!




205 thoughts on “That is not what I meant…

  1. I believe that speaking English all the time with the Portuguese mother tongue should really be a funny situation when speaking Portuguese and listening to a commentary in English.


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