4155.expectDo you have lots of expectations every day? I do but I’m learning how to not always expect the things that I want to happen and how I want them to happen. If we expect too much from something or someone, we will get disappointed easily as we also disappoint the ones we love at some point because we are all human beings.

We should expect good things to happen to us everyday, of course, and we need to be positive always, but not quite picture it on our minds “the way”  we want them to happen. If I’m home waiting for my husband to get back from work and I start thinking like, oh when he gets home we are going out to eat and then we can have my pumpkin spice latte that I like so much…. and suddenly, he gets home tired and stressed.If he  decides to  make some food and then go to bed, I will be disappointed. Instead of doing that, I can happily expect him to get home from work so we can spend time together, no matter what we do. Maybe we will go out to eat and then we’ll have some coffee or we’ll just make some food at home and  watch something in bed.

God has good things for us everyday and we must expect these good things to happen but not the way we want them to happen.God knows what’s best for us and if we let him guide our lives He will take care of us and we will enjoy our everyday life 🙂


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