Stop complaining!

We women usually complain about how our partner is not that romantic, right? Women are more sensitive and emotional than men. We are so different from them that we show our love not just with actions but with words too. Men normally show love with actions more than with words, but not like with sweet and romantic actions lol.

If we only complain about the things they don’t do and they should, no change will happen but if we are wise, something will .My grandma used to say that women should have their “secrets”, not like hiding things from their partner but as a woman,things that we don’t need to share, things that are only ours.I have also heard that if we want attention, the best way of getting it, it’s not looking for it and that’s true.

Last night my husband had to work really late and when he got home I was asleep. He gave me a kiss, told me love you and went to bed.This morning he got ready for work, gave me a kiss and left as he does every day. When I got up a little after that and opened the fridge I found an iced coffee bottle that I really like with a note that said: Love you, smootch.By doing that, he put a huge smile on my face and made my day.That was so sweet!!!!

Let’s value our partner always and be wise.Instead of complaining, let’s be more understanding. If we do that, we’ll see things happening and we’ll grow stronger more and more every day 🙂


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