It’s Election time!

I’m so tired of going my IG account and seeing people talking bad about each other, about their candidates, it’s like there is no respect, people don’t know how to separate politics from personal life. One of my friends posted about how people can ruin long lasting friendships because of politics and it’s so true.We are all free to vote in whoever we want and even if me and my friends don’t agree on that, we can still be friends if we respect each others opinion and reasons to vote in this or that candidate.

In Brazil people are going crazy. We have president election on October 7th and so you guys know how people can get, one of the candidates was stabbed while on a campaign day.His name is Jair Bolsonaro and he is military captain. He fights for the family, he is against abortion and he is not afraid of standing for what he believes in.I’m not saying  he is perfect or anything but, if the whole corrupted system is against him, I believe  there is a reason for it, a reason  why these people don’t want him as a president.

It’s time to think about the people and  their needs, not about politicians robbing the country to make themselves rich. Let’s use our right to vote to make a difference and make things right!



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