Everything is gonna be alright…


“To educate is one of the most enjoyable tasks, but also one of the most exhausting of intelligence”.(Augusto Cury) 

To be a parent can be very stressful.We love our kids but we are also human beings that at some point get tired and  discouraged.This past weekend was kind of crazy for me and my husband.The kids wouldn’t listen and we just kept talking to them, grounding them and working with them to solve a few issues.At the end of weekend, I was exhausted and just praying to God that He  gives me and my husband the wisdom and strength that we need to raise our kids the best way possible.

There is no “magic solution” for times like these but when there is love we can overcome anything.There is no such a thing as a perfect marriage or a perfect family, but when God is the center of the family, everything works out at the end.I’d like to end this post with a powerful bible’s verse: “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him…”(Romans 8:28a) Everything is gonna be just fine.Trust God and rest in His arms 🙂



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