What is Halloween indeed?

It was originated among Celtic people, who believed that on the last day of summer (October 31), the spirits would leave the cemeteries to take possession of the bodies of the living people. To frighten these ghosts, the Celts placed frightening objects in their homes, such as skulls, decorated bones, pumpkins adorned among others.It is celebrated in most Western countries, but is more representative in the United States. It was brought to the US by the Irish immigrants that arrived in the middle of century XIX.

This celebration,for being related to the death, rescues elements and frightening figures. Are common symbols of this party: ghosts, witches, zombies, skulls, monsters, black cats and even characters like Dracula and Frankenstein.For it’s meaning, it was also called “The Witches Day”.In order to diminish pagan influences in Medieval Europe, the Catholic Church Christianized the celebration by creating the Day of the Dead (November 2nd). 

As a Brazilian and an English teacher, I can talk about how it is there.It is a recent celebration and it came  through the great influence of American culture, especially  on TV. The English Language Courses also contribute to the spreading it in national territory, as they value and celebrate this date with their students as a way of experiencing  the North American culture.

Halloween is criticized by christians and religious people because it is a  festival of a pagan origin and it disseminates, especially among children and young people, ideas and images that do not correspond to Christian principles and values. According to these religious, the images valued on Halloween are negative and contrary to the practice of good.

I respect those who choose to celebrate Halloween, I know it’s a huge deal here in the US, but I personally don’t celebrate it and I don’t think it brings any good for our families once, unfortunately , bad people do real bad things on that day. Take a look at what this man says and think about what this celebration really means and how it can affect our children.



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