It’s completely normal for us, human beings, to fear the unknown.Whatever is ahead of us that we don’t know anything about can be scary.It could be a job interview, a difficult talk with a family member, a tough situation with a friend, a disease, a trip, some changes that you know you’ll have to make,etc.

When I started planning my trip to the US I was excited because I’ve always wanted to visit  but I was also afraid. I had never been here before and to travel with a one year old kid would be a challenge for sure.I got everything ready and the day of my trip finally came. When I got to Guarulhos,Sao Paulo’s International Airport and went to check in for my flight to LA, the man from the Delta Airlines company told me that I’d have to fly to New York first and then to LA. At that moment I got so scared because my initial flight would be from Guarulhos to LA directly.It was freezing in NY , I wasn’t prepared for that and it would take me 13 hours to get there and then 6 more hours to get to LA, that was insane. I was already tired of flying with my youngest son so I prayed to God and I asked Him to have mercy of me and to help me to go through these flights.

God is Good all the time.I finally got to LA and I gotta tell you guys, it wasn’t easy.It was exhausting for me and my son but we made it. God helped us and He was there for us the whole time. The flights were good and some people even helped me by watching Gabriel so I could use the restroom.God takes care of us, of everything, if we trust him.I wasn’t scared anymore, I just had a thankful heart.

Don’t fear, trust in the Lord Jesus!


3 thoughts on “Fear…

  1. When I started planning my trip to the US, I was excited because I always wanted to visit, but I was also scared. I’d never been here before and traveling with a one-year-old would be a challenge, for sure.


  2. It is quite normal for us humans to fear the unknown. Whatever is in front of us and we do not know anything can be scary.


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