Calming down….


Have you realized that when we are stressed, tired and frustrated we don’t see things as they really are? Sometimes little things became huge because we are so overwhelmed  with all that is happening at the same time in our life.

I’ve read so much and watched so many videos about how I need to calm down, relax and trust God but it’s not easy, it should be but it isn’t. As a human being my first instinct is to worry and to get anxious about things that I can’t control, things that I have to do and I have  to face. What do I do? I stop and pray to God so He can help me and that His Holy Spirit can calm down my heart.Another thing I do is to pray God’s word.If you never did it, I encourage you to do it.Pray God’s word with faith and you’ll see and experience how powerful it is is and how it can change everything. Some things change and happen right a way but others take time.

Keep on asking and keep on seeking.In God’s time, which is perfect, whatever has to change and to happen in your life will change and will happen. God never changes!


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