Differences and similarities…

As me and my husband were driving this morning to the shop, I saw this man on the right side of the road parking his truck and organizing some of his stuff that he was about to sell.This is something very common here in the US, people have garage sales which is basically that, they get together things they don’t want or need anymore and sell them real cheap. I told my husband that it’s interesting to me to see that, because in Brazil that’s not common.

In Brazil,  when we want to get rid of stuff we usually just give them to a friend or to someone we know that needs it.Some people do something called “Bazar” but it’s kinda different from a garage sale. People donate all kinds of stuff and get everything ready to  sell it really cheap, and the money raised is usually used to help someone or some non profit institution.

It is amazing how here in the US there is always something new and different  from my home country.It’s nice to experience new things 🙂





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