Unchangeable love…


I was thinking about relationships in general and in what can I do to improve them every day.I realized  something that we all know but that sometimes we forget, which is that there is no “perfect relationship” and it will never be. We are human beings that make mistakes so every relationship we’ll have will also have mistakes and we’ll have to work hard on it.

It’s interesting to see as the time passes by we get to know more and more about the people that are around us and are part of our life. In marriage, living side by side with our favorite person, teaches us so much about everything. We learn how to listen, to forgive,to ask for forgiveness,to give more than we receive sometimes. Having kids teaches us that we can love someone else more than we love ourselves.

There is no such a thing as “Happy ever after”. In every relationship , marriage, kids, family,friends, it’s all about a “daily conquest”. We face battles and challenges every day, which it’s not easy but, being truly committed to someone means to say yes to that person every day of our life.

God loves us as we are, let’s do the same!


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