Funny facts about Brazil and USA

It’s so interesting to see how every country has it’s own ways and behaviors about pretty much everything. I’d like to share with you guys two funny facts and differences about Brazilians and Americans.

1.Meals: If you go to any restaurant here in the US, even fast food, everything is huge lol The soda cups, the sandwiches, the fries, it’s all so big and you get free refills pretty much everywhere.Another thing is it’s price.Here in the US it’s a lot cheaper than in Brazil.There, it’s not like that at all and the  places where you can get bigger meals and  free refills are so rare.

2.Pizza : People here in the US eat pizza  with their bare hands and with no ketchup, mustard or mayonnaise lol I remember that when my husband visited Brazil, we went to a pizza place and he was shocked that people were eating with knife,fork  and putting ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise on top of  it lol Here, people usually just fold the pizza and eat it with nothing on it!

Would you like to try eating pizza with all that on it? I hope you guys liked these 2 funny facts about Brazil and The US 🙂


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