Express yourself, be you!



I was just reading a post on The Chatter Blog, you guys should definitely follow Colleen 🙂 , and while I was reading the experience she had, I was inspired to share how I feel about my own emotions.

God created us with a heart, with feelings that are ways we have to express ourselves. I always felt the need of explaining my emotions, how I feel and why I did this or that. Guess what? I don’t have to! When I understood that, I felt this freedom inside of me.This morning I was watching one of pastor Claudio Duarte’s videos, he is hilarious and a man of God. Anyways, he was talking about how there are things in our life that cannot be explained. Emotions, things and ways we feel in our heart. There is no answer for everything in life and what we don’t understand, let’s leave it with God.

The apostle Rene Terra Nova used to say: “A free soul expresses itself” and I completely agree with him.We only have to answer to God. Don’t try to please and to explain yourself to everybody, certain things not even our loved ones can understand, only God. Be free, be you!


26 thoughts on “Express yourself, be you!

  1. I appreciate this post. I think there is a ‘desire’ in me to find words that match/describe my emotions. It must be the writer in me. If something (an emotion) is so beautiful, being able to express it in words must then be beautiful too, right? So. I read your post and realized …. I don’t need to, nor can I, adequately word the most beautiful things. Because I don’t need to. 🙂 Thank you.

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  2. Wow! I really needed to read that. I feel bad sometimes for not getting to express my feelings and not to get to explain to them. But now I will just feel them. Thanks!


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