The same but still different…

I find so interesting the cultural differences that I’ve been experiencing and learning since I got to the U.S. We all pretty much do the same things but in different ways. Today I’d like to talk about young people, mostly students. How do they start their lives as adults and what changes happen in their lives.

In The U.S, as soon as students graduate from High School,most of  them move out to start College. Some of them have to move out because they will be going to school in another city and even another State. They usually work part time so they can pay for school. It is cultural here that once they are in College, they no longer want to live with their parents lol. Some go to live by themselves and some find a roommate to live with.

In Brazil it’s a little bit different. Most of students after finishing High School go to College at their hometown, they don’t usually move to another city or state. Some of them work full time and go to school at night and some just go to school and have their expenses payed for their parents or family members. Brazilians don’t usually move out as soon as they start College. Most of them live with their parents until they get married, which was my case. When I was attending University, I used to work all day and study at night. I had always lived with my parents until I got married.

Did you know about these differences? I hope you guys enjoyed learning a little bit more about cultural differences between Brazilians and Americans 🙂


3 thoughts on “The same but still different…

  1. I already knew about that. I admit that would adore to leave of house and to live alone during the university. It should be so nice!


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