Mess vs Organization


I’ve always been organized and my husband not so much. I like to have my house all clean and tidy. It’s funny because I’m the same way with pretty much everything in my life. I like to be responsible and punctual. I like to do what I say I’m gonna do. I hate waiting and making people wait.Oh, and I love to have a schedule that I can follow up.

Me and my husband are very different in this organization and planning area. He doesn’t like to plan things and I do. We have had several arguments because of it but now we have learned to deal with it. We try to be more patient, to hear what we have to say to each other and to understand that this is the way we are and that is not gonna change.For example, on the weekends he doesn’t really like to plan things we can do with the kids , he just gets up and says: ok, we are going hahahahaha and when I ask him where to, he says don’t worry about it!

Which side of the picture would be you? In life, everything is about balance and how we deal with differences.Let’s accept, love and respect one another and everything will be just fine 🙂

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