Merry Christmas




Christmas is around the corner and also a new year. It’s a time to think about what we have done , what we have accomplished and and also about what we didn’t. Before I didn’t used to think about what is Christmas really about.We all know that Jesus wasn’t born in December and that it’s not about giving, getting presents and eating a lot. The bible doesn’t tell us to celebrate Jesus birth but if we are going to, let’s do it the right way and for the right reasons.

This is usually a time where people think about helping others, feeding the homeless, which it’s nice and I totally agree with it, but that’s something that we should do always, not just on Christmas time. Unfortunately, most people end up forgetting the real meaning of Christmas and make it about shopping and spending lots of money. It’s great to give presents and also to receive them, it’s nice to get the family together for a yummy dinner and to have some quality time but let’s remember that the real meaning of this holiday it’s to celebrate Jesus, the salvation that he has conquered for us on the Cross,to celebrate  life and everything that He has given to us.

Let’s be thankful for all that God has done, for all that He does and for all that He’ll still do in our life. Let’s love and help everyone that is around us, not just now but in every single day in our lives. Merry Christmas!!!


22 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. I think the chirstmas really is to celebrate the salvation that he has conquered for us on the Cross,to celebrate life and everything that He has given to us.


  2. It’s great to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas. It is also a very good time, pity that it does not extend for the whole year.


  3. Christmas is the most important date in my view, as we celebrate His birth. we must await the great coming of the Lord and celebrate with a heart full of gratitude for All that we have and what we have not and for all that is to come. God is perfect in everything He does !!


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