“Because we are human beings, we’re not always going to be perfect”.(Benny Hinn)

There is no such a thing as perfection. We can be amazing at doing certain things but we canĀ  also be not so amazingĀ  at doing some other things.To be a human being means that we’ll make mistakes our whole life which it is not an excuse for us to do whatever we want just because we are imperfect and only God is perfect.

Before I wouldn’t allow myself to feel sad because I thought that wasn’t ok, but you know what? it is ok. It’s ok to not do the right thing always, it is ok to feel sad and worried sometimes because we are human beings. What we can’t do is allow the sadness and these feelings to control us. We have to give to God our anxiety and He will do what we can’t do. We have to say yes, I’m sad but I give this sadness to God, I choose to believe in Him and that He is working on my behalf.

No matter what happens or how we feel, at the end, if we trust God, everything works out!