We are all different, but yet the same.

Isn’t that a crazy title? But yet, it’s true.We are all human beings and we all have the same feelings and needs but when talking about culture and way of thinking, we can be a lot different.

I’m a Brazilian woman married to an American man, which is a challenge sometimes lol but also very fun and inspiring.It’s so interesting when me and my husband talk  about certain kinds of stuff because, not every time of course, but sometimes we do have a different way of seeing and understanding things.Here are a few differences that I’ve noticed since I came to the Us and also things that my husband noticed when he visited Brazil.

1.Brazilians are touchy.When meeting someone new for example, we hug and kiss a lot more compared to American people, which usually shake hands. I do like that tho because it makes them more respectful than some Brazilians that exaggerate with the hugging and kissing sometimes.

2.American couples are not very affectionate in public and do not sit side by side at a restaurant as Brazilians do.But for every rule there is an exception.Some Americans are very sweet and affectionate in public.

3.Brazilian breakfast is simpler than the American one.We usually eat some bread with butter on it, sometimes cheese and ham with it, fruits, eggs,cuzcuz, but not all at the same time.The American breakfast is a huge meal lol  sausage, eggs, bacon,pancakes,juice,coffee,waffles,blueberry etc…

4.The American coffee is less stronger than the Brazilian one.We usually drink it black or  with some milk, oh and of course with sugar 🙂

5.Brazilians take more showers per day than Americans, yes even when it’s hot 🙂

6.American culture is not a “macho man” culture like Brazilian is.Not every Brazilian man is like that of course  but most are.They usually don’t like to do things around the house because they say that’s the woman’s responsibility, which is ridiculous.Here in the US, men do help with things around the house.

7.Americans usually eat with their bare hands and Brazilians use forks and knifes to do it hahahaha 🙂 My husband was all laughing when we went to this pizza place once  because we were all eating with forks and knifes and he was the only one eating  with his hands!

There are tuns of  culture differences but I wanted to share just a few with you guys.I hope you enjoyed reading it as I enjoyed writing it 🙂



24 thoughts on “We are all different, but yet the same.

  1. this is the good thing of life, the difference, to be able to travel and to know new things, new customs, what grace would have been we were all alike


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