I didn’t quite learn it this way…

I’m Brazilian so my “mother language” is Portuguese.I learned to speak English when I was 11 years old by watching American tv series  and at that time I was living in Ecuador.It was fun listening to people speaking English, reading Spanish subtitles and understanding it in Portuguese on my mind hahaha, it was quite a challenge.

Years later, I became a Spanish teacher and then also an English teacher.My English is not perfect but people say  it’s pretty good for a foreign .When I came to the US I noticed that some words , expressions and its uses were different from what I had studied and learned in Brazil.The words and expressions that I’m talking about are not wrong but the way they are used here in the US sometimes its a little bit different from the way I previously learned it.Here I have a few words and that I’ve been learning how to apply in a better way here in the US.

Mad: “I’m mad at you”. (like angry)

“That person is completely mad “.(crazy)

Upset: “I’m really upset right now”.(sad,sorry)

“Her sister is very upset with her”.(angry,mad)

To care: “I care about you”.(I like you,you are important to me)

“I care about what you are going trough”.(it matters to me what you’re going trough).

I love the fact that almost every day I learn something new!




9 thoughts on “I didn’t quite learn it this way…

  1. It’s great that you have learned to speak other languages having fun, watching TV shows, movies or even listening to music, I hope to learn this way.

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  2. I found the text very interesting, and I think that if the child starts from a small language learning a foreign language, it is much easier


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